Arri 535 B

    Arri 535 B

    An Established and Reliable 35 mm Production Camera.  The ARRIFLEX 535B is a 35 mm silent production camera that combines convenience and flexibility of operation with the precision and reliability typical of ARRI products. The 535B functions equally well as a studio or location camera for sync sound shooting. It is hard-wearing and sufficiently versatile to serve as the main or even the only camera for a feature film production.

    Camera Specifications

    • Film Gate
    • 24.25mm x 18.6mm

    • FPS Range
    • 3-60 FPS

    • Width
    • 11.8”

    • Height
    • 11"

    • Length
    • 19.5” (w/400’ Mag)

    • Weight
    • 22 lbs