Arri 416HS Arri 416HS Arri 416HS Arri 416HS

    Arri 416HS

    On the heels of the successful launch of the ARRIFLEX 416 Plus in 2006, the 416 Plus HS now offers higher frame rates for slow-motion cinematography. Significant recent advances in lenses, film stocks and postproduction technologies have seen a major improvement to Super 16 image quality and a remarkable renaissance of the format. The 416 Plus HS is the most versatile and advanced Super 16 camera in the world; an ideal choice for projects bound for either television or cinema screens.

    Camera Specifications

    • Film Gate
    • 12.35mm x 7.5mm

    • FPS Range
    • 1-150 FPS

    • Width
    • 8.66”

    • Height
    • 7.08"
    • Length
    • 16” (w/400’ Mag)

    • Weight
    • 12.8lbs